About Us

2015 was a year of significant growth for adult dating sites. Online dating has become a phenomenal success since its inception on 1995. More recently, a surge of mobile dating app has become widely popular. Statistics have proved that people turn to online adult dating instead of going to regular places or standard events like bars, clubs and parties. ¬†And it’s because of this steady influx, that we here at Bestdatingsites.me have invested our time and energy to help people make the right choice of which adult dating site to use and be a full member of.

We consider online adult dating as a positive development which has helped improved the lives of millions of people looking for love. This amazing experience has helped boost the confidence level of individuals by getting to know a person first before going out on that first date. Dating sites has helped people increase their chances of meeting their dream date before they move forward to the next level of their relationship.

How Bestdatingsites.me Was Created

Bestdatingsites.me has been helping the primitive man in search of the perfect prey. We understand the need for the beast to be alone from time to time but then again a full grown sexually mature primate needs to be with someone to fully consumate the needs of the flesh to be whole again. Modern man has come to a conclusion that hooking up with people from their immediate surroundings has become expensive and at some point a total waste of time. Fortunately for us, Man is a thinking being. Man created a solution for that need. For this very reason, the growth of online dating sites has become immense which later on gave Man more problems to find answers to. The outbreak of online dating
sites has created a jungle of opportunities and Man has difficulty making the right choice.

People were becoming members of 2 or more online dating sites thinking that this act would increase their chances of getting a date. They were quickly disappointed though because some dating sites had fake people and profiles, defects of the dating site’s technical aspect, violation of customers privacy or customer support was not just present at all.

There was just too many choices for finding dates online. Add to the fact that on each dating site there was IM-Chat, Email, Texting, Live Cam and Video Chat. People were becoming confused.

The question of the validity of membership has become a top complaint. Registration took a lot of time. Is it fairly priced? It was supposed to be free.

Later on, questions about how to upload videos, how to see videos or how to make their profiles interesting to get more hits were a life and death situation. Man has finally succumbed to a frenzied mental state of mind.

What We Do

BestDatingSites.me was born for the sole purpose of helping people make an informed decision on which dating site to take. We strive to make your lives easier. We have first hand experience on what these dating sites offer and what else needs to be done. Our wholehearted efforts to substantiate all claims made by them in retrospect to customer’s safety and security, quality and efficiency, more so on fair costs with services gained.

With all assesstments done, Bestdatingsites.me has established that people also needed more input on how to be more successful on their journey with online dating.

Individual Reviews on Dating Sites. With so many choices being presented to the table, we became members to personally confirm all services being offered. Bestdatingsites.me has ranked them to quality of services, cost of membership, customer privacy and options for customer support.

Online Dating Tips. We have helpful articles on how to be successful on all customer interaction when becoming members. Bestdatingsites.me have subject matter experts on how to keep your profile interesting to catch everyone’s attention and eventually hook up.

Latest Trends on Dating Online. Bestdatingsites.me have updates on what’s hot and trending with the online dating world. We have exclusive blogs to further give you options on making that final choice of online dating provider.

We Need Your Opinions

Your feedback is very much appreciated here at BestDatingSites.me. We are here to weed out the good from the bad. We give our blunt and honest reviews for all to see. Your reaction to all of our analysis based on actual facts will give value to all our efforts of being fair and unbiased to the online dating realm.

Bestdatingsites.me has a whole team waiting for your responses and of course suggestions. Our doors are always open for a fellow critic so keep them coming.