Adult dating sites are sort of a dime a dozen nowadays. You just have to use your smarts to figure out which ones are secure and legit from the scam and fake sites. You maybe looking for a causal date, a booty call or a more accurate friends with benefits kind, one must ask which site is the best for your needs. What caught my eye while searching the internet was I wanted an adult with a mature perspective of what I wanted to get out of. I wanted a quick date with no strings attached. I didn’t want a serious relationship that came with dates that you get from bars, friends and all those social events.


Who is promises to deliver unadulterated sexual bliss. They offer a wide range of like-minded sexually active people from all walks of life to satiate that no strings attached sexual needs. The homepage itself boasts of provocative men and women all of whom are ready for that titillating erotic encounter that you so desire yourself. I can safely say right now that’s variety of functional features helps you get laid. With thousands of active members online, and growing by the day, your ratio for getting naked is approximately about 1 is to 4.


How to Join

Joining is as easy as answering a few profiling questions. You need to take the time to accurately answer all questions about who you are and what you want. This is just at the beginning anyway. People need to know what you can offer to the sex table. As soon as you are in, you may want to check the profile matches that you have and start your search there. It is a very comprehensive list of people imaginable.

Membership Costs offers free registration and membership to all but is with limits. You can search the members database for possible prospects and I assure you that you will both be curious and intrigued by the people you will get to see so might as well sign up for a paid membership. Paid Membership gets moved to the top list of possible matches as well as getting to use all the marvelous features for you to bag that first sexual encounter. has a Silver and Gold Membership package and both of them will get you places. It goes without saying that the longer the subscription, the lesser the monthly fees will be. The Gold Membership also gives you additional storage space and keyword based searches across the entire site.

Best App FeaturesAFF4 covered all the bases in finding the booty call that you want. Everything is neatly categorized with its own drop down choices. The Hookup Tab lets you choose if you want casual sex, swingers, threesome or cybersex. They have a dating forum that is further broken down into Communities, Dating Blogs, AFF Magazine and its very own Member Blogs. I believe is the first adult dating site that featured the Live Cam shows.

My Personal Site Experience

AFF3I must admit that with all the adult dating site I have seen on the internet, I have grown suspicious on all them. For some reason, comes to me differently. I still want the no strings attached hookup, but with the features I got to see and experience, says that I have options on how to make an informed decision on who to bang, how to bang and when to bang. The Dating Forums lets you get to know a person better. You can gauge their personality on how they answer and express their opinions. The Community and the Member Articles were a sure sign that all the people here are real. The Live Chat tab was the icing on the cake. After I have narrowed down my list of possible hookups, the Live Chat sealed the deal. What I am trying to conclude right now is that if you are serious on getting laid, you need to spend time to get to know with all its features. Unlike some adult dating sites that were obviously filled with fake profiles, bots and spam, is a well-oiled machine assisting you with all your lustful desires in mind. They have been here for quite a number of years so that has got to count for something.

Support Section

AFF7Did I mention that is a well organized adult dating site? Unlike some sites that just give you a contact form to fill up for help, they took the time to have a Support page for us to use and benefit from. All the answers are there, but then again if this help page doesn’t have the answer you need, you do understand that since they have a huge members database and is growing by the day, you need to fill out some sort of trouble ticket form. I would gladly do it this way rather than waiting on the phone for a very long time to get the kind of help I need.

My Conclusion

It’s pretty obvious by now that I love It has everything I need for an adult dating site. I have a huge menu of people I can pick from. The features they have are there for a purpose and not just some page that needs to be filled up with useless information. Stop all searches for an online casual NSA site and stick with I guarantee that your sexual itch will be met and more so exceeded. Review


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            • - Safe and Secure
            • - Easy to Use
            • - Real People
            • - Fairly Priced Membership Fees


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