At 16, I bought my first motorcycle and I have never stopped since. I loved the freedom. But being a Biker has its own social stigma saying that we are always up to no good. A lot has changed since then and it has now morphed into a tough lifestyle. Yes the booze and sex will always be there but I have outgrown that and I want something of substance now. I am hoping to find a cure for my blues. I want somebody who shares my passion for motorcycle and life. I did a simple search on the internet for online dating with the word “Biker” included in it. I think I may have found the answer here at

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Who is is an online community specifically for biker singles to exchange chat, video messaging and eventually hook up. Lets face it, sometimes going with your own kind is easier rather than getting frowned upon by regular people you may want to date. I also found out that is the top biker dating site online and it also boasts of a huge member database. This website has potential.

How to Join

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Right off the bat, 731 were available within my area. As with any online dating website, just needs you to fill out the easiest online dating form there is then you are good to go. The signup process was indeed instant as they say. As soon I was in, I saw a lot of biker singles who matched my profile and all I had to do was either send them a message of send them a “flirt”. And yes, did not ask for money. I was free to move about the website and browse through the members list at no charge.

Membership Costs

As I’ve said, browsing the members database was free. You get check out the people first before paying for membership. I was satisfied with the real biker profiles I was seeing and I have narrowed it down to a manageable number of people I would like to meet. Clicked’s Upgrade Me Now link on the left column and saw that they had reasonable rates. It’s pretty much the same as the other online dating sites I have seen. Each month would be $24.99, 3 months would be at $16.66 monthly. If you want to take dating really slow, I would suggest more value for your money and sign up for a whole year at $7.49 each month. That would really get you a lot of time to mingle with members here at They are running specials right now for 3 days worth of Premium Membership at $1.00. They do offer lots of options.

Best App Features

BP has a lot features that are so easy to use. It is a functional biker dating website. The left-hand sidebar offers a sort of statistical summary of features that you can do. The right hand column shows you the Take A Gamble photo of a biker single that you want to try. I love the “Ask if he is interested” button. It is just liberating. Rapid Match also is a nifty tool to help you narrow down the number of potential matches you have. gives us standard tabs on the topmost part which are Search, Who’s Online, Browse Photos, My Settings and Your Mailbox. You can tell that this an online biker dating website by the red, black and gray colors that they use. The colors doesn’t strain your eyes. They let you focus on what tabs are what, and which columns are which. One more thing, you can maximize your subscription by getting the mobile phone app. Big help there.

My Personal Site Experience

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I was a bit scared on signing up because of all the paradox that the biker community has. Upon signing up, offered me choices already as to how many matches are available for me to pick. The website doesn’t offer all those flashy videos and advertisement like some other dating websites do. The website is practical and very useful. gave me control of what I wanted to do, who I wanted to see and how will I get that accomplished quickly. For added security and possible scams or bots, they have a tool on the left sidebar where I can block unstable members. I loved the virtual Big Black Book and the option of browsing through photos of members. I can also check out biker singles who viewed me or gave me the flirt message. The biggest feature I liked here at was the huge members database they have. I have the option of dating somebody locally or go international.

Support Section

BP 2There is no contact number of support. What they have is a standard contact form that you need to fill-out and explain to them what kind of help you need. The FAQ page does offer basic help. I think since have a whole range of members, the Contact Form is the best solution to address all problems raised by us. This is better than me calling them for help and being on Hold till somebody picks up.


My Conclusion

I fully recommend to everybody. It is functional and easy to use. The membership fees are fair and reasonable. The website is fool-proof and can be easily used by both young and older members. I love the control they gave me about my profile and account. They have my security in place. They have a lot features which I can play around with ergo spend a lot of time looking for a date. Review


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          • - Quality Members
          • - Value for Membership Costs
          • - Ease of use
          • - Safe and Secure


          • - Offers Email Support only

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