Looking for love online is hard. Looking for love with a fellow christian is harder. There is this sort of fleeting notion that if you look for love online, you just want to have this momentary sexual gratification. I grew up in a Christian community and sex before marriage is VERY taboo. I want to meet someone to nurture and share my hopes and dreams with. But I am busy working and I don’t have time to mingle with people. My office friends said that there are a lot of christian matchmaking services online, and all I had to do was search for it. So I did. I soon discovered that finding your love online is hardly a new phenomenon. I chanced upon this beautiful dating site called and they had thousands of christian members looking for the same thing I was looking for. I took it upon myself to review and figure out if finding love online is a christian stigma or not.

CM 11Who is promises a community of Christian singles looking for friendshp, romance even marriage. It was just kinda surreal while I was reading thru it. I just couldn’t believe that such a website exists. It seemed like the perfect place for me to search for my ideal partner. Just as what the website says, they bring all christian singles together to mingle.

How to Join

Joining is pretty standard. All you need to do is to just honestly answer the questions of who you are, where you are from and what kind of a Christian you are. I guess, they were profiling me already so they can match me up with my kind of singles. This is actually good for I dont have to do anything much. I was getting excited already.

CM 2

Membership Costs

CM 3

I was kinda disappointed at first with for they were asking for payment. I haven’t exactly made up my mind yet if I was ready for this online dating stuff. But their rates were pretty fairly priced. I thought about the getting the one time monthly membership fee of at least $35.00. also offers a 3 month and a 6 month subscription. But I wasn’t deep into the core of yet, that I saw my profile being viewed by people and with some giving me a smile. My heart skipped a beat and right then and there, I decided that the cheapest option would be for a 6 month subscription at around $15.00 each month. I was thinking that $15.00 each month would be the least amount I was to shell out on a single date that my “concerned” friends would have set me up with. With the huge solid database of christian singles that has, I could at least get to know a person better and see if we click or not. I get to spend my date money on a person, wisely.

CM 4

Best App Features

CM 7

I love the “smile” part. I can virtually flirt with a person without being too bold. I checked out the people who viewed my profile and they seemed to be genuinely real people. With the initial profiling stage of my membership, they had ready matches for me and some of them were around my area. There were a lot of options on how to initiate a conversation with your match like IM, email and when I am ready, video chat. I appreciate’s Prayer Wall, Bible Study and the message. The Bible is absolutely an interesting conversation piece and this could be a way to check your predetermined matches if they are real christians or not. As a precautionary measure, also gave me the option to remain anonymous for as long as I want. You can also download their mobile phone app at Google Play so you can stay connected as long as possible.

My Personal Site Experience

CM 8

Going through ChristianMingle.coms’ site was a new and enjoyable experience.  I do have reservations on this online christian dating experience. I have heard all the horror stories on the other regular dating websites. They have a huge number of members and they are growing by the day. I was skeptic at first, with the profile matches that had for me. But as I was skimming through my list of prospects, all their picture gallery seemed to be as genuine as the smile they had on their faces. I went further into ChristianMingle.coms’ site and found out that my security is their top priority. They manually review all profiles and photos of each member before they put it out in the open. I adored the success stories. All the people had the same skepticism I had, but then again they found love here. got me hook, line and sinker. I am now glad that the my subscription for 6 months will be well worth it.

Support Section

ChristianMingle.coms’ Safety web page is a must read. They give you a briefing on what you are to do from chatting with a member first time to a face-to-face meeting. This gave me the peace of mind that I wanted and confirmed that was not just after my money. I got the vibe that they made this website for people like me and they genuinely want to help people get together. The Contact Us page gave some pretty basic FAQ’s but was disappointed that they don’t have a contact number to call. They only offered an email form for help. But hey, with their growing database of real people, I understood that all queries and help should be done methodically.

My Conclusion is a God-send website.  They bring people together. People who share the same passion for faith and love. They have created a safe and secure online community where real Christian people connect, respect and mingle.

CM 9

Membership Base









          • - Real People. Real Photos.
          • - Ease of Use.
          • - Safe & Secure


          • - No Contact Number for Support

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