Welcome to where your options of finding a bride have no boundaries. I have longed to find a partner for life and have searched the internet for such a choice. I have found a lot of dating sites but I find them a waste of time. Those sites where just either too juvenile or too erotic for me. I want to find someone that stimulates me both body and mind. All of these dating sites got me thinking that I have a lot of choices. I found and it looked simple but interesting. Let us see how this mail order bride site goes.


Who is promises to connect me with my perfect match. They do have at least at least a million active users and that assures me that the possibility of finding the One is next to nil. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen The members are diverse so I can have a taste of the both worlds which is an interesting way to meet people online easily. You get to pick the locals for a perfect match, or choose a foreign member. Ergo, the mail order bride coinage.


How to Join

As soon as you to go to’s site, you just easily answer some very basic profiling questions then you are in. Do take the time to completely answer all profiling questions on the next window for this will broaden your matches. There are no annoying pop up windows (offering a whole bunch of stuff) which is a big plus for me. lets you focus on the website itself and lets you get down to your mission straight away.


Membership Costs is not fairly priced. They are cheap. Trial for 3 days will cost you $1.95 a day. I would recommend the 6 months subscription which is priced at $11.65 each month if you are here for the mail order bride mission. Monthly membership is still okay at $34.95. The membership fees alone are enough to make you choose among the rest. Lets see, 1 Million members to choose from over the next to nothing 24/7 access of their site, I see positive results on the horizon.


Best App Features

I love the features that offers. It is simple yet functional. Their homepage is not too confusing with simple tabs and buttons to click. If you have completed your profile, the search members tab is going to be your best friend. Your main list of best possible matches, can further be filtered. If you want to be adventurous and do have a lot of time on your hands, browse thru the members list. You can always just check people who are online so you get to chat with them asap.


My Personal Site Experience caught my eye with their slogan, mail order bride site. My perception of what they offered seemed like a paradox. I wanted to know what they differ from the other dating sites I have seen on the internet. I jumped in their ship and saw what all was about. opens a whole different world of the dating scene. The features they offer is nothing fancy. They are not confusing. Every feature is neatly placed on a single column with more options to pick from as soon as you click on it. The Match Center offered me a huge list of people I can pick from and also lets me know if they are online or not. I can always add them as a friend, message or give a like to initiate a conversation. I enjoyed the who “Viewed Me” tab for this lets me know who has checked me out already which basically cut down the chase. Uploading photos gave me great joy for I have seen the other members photo gallery and I wanted mine to be better. There were some member photos there that were sort of doubtful but most of the ones I saw were pretty authentic to me. I also did that photo investigation thing wherein you cross check with Google if they were real or not. I would say that most of the pictures I saw were genuine. This got me thinking that since the photos are real and they were online and we can have chat, photo and email exchanges, this basically means that the members are real. Think about it. No fake person can have credit card to their name, right? Also, I read in their Terms and Conditions page that I have full control of my account, ergo, this site is completely safe and secure.

Support Section

All is pretty standard here. The FAQ and About Us page answered most of my basic questions but if you wanted immediate help, you just have to email them. As soon as you click on Contact Us, a new window will let you email Support for that much needed help. Could it be that since they have a huge member database that grows by the day, they opted to remove direct contact with support and chose email correspondence instead for nobody needed help? Well, the features that is fairly easy to use and understand. Just thinking out loud.

My Conclusion

If you are looking for a no fancy mail order bride site, is the place to be. The real people, the price and the site features will most definitely get you hooked. Review




    Ease of Use


      Safety and Security


        Membership Database


          Fair Price



            • - Easy to Use
            • - Safe and Secure
            • - Huge Real Member Database
            • - Cheap Price
            • - Functional


            • - Contact Form for Support

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