HookUpsXXX.com – A No Strings Attached Review

Looking for an adult dating site that focuses primarily on no strings attached casual sex rule? Do you want to hook up with somebody who wants a steamy one night stand? There are a lot of adult dating sites on the internet and one must be confused as to which one to pick. Everybody is searching for that perfect site where like minded people wants to get banged the easy way. Look no further for that is what HOOKUPSXXX.com primary goal is all about.



HookUpsXXX.com is a big online community created for both men, women and the like looking for the a quick and erotic sexual encounter of the fast kind. They offer to help you find that perfect partner for you satisfy that casual sex you wanted with having any strings or guilt feelings that comes with the standard dating scene. Romance is still alive, but nowadays, people wants to test out the goods first before investing time and money with hope that this will be the last relationship they will ever need. HookUpsXXX.com is definitely the adult dating site worth checking out.

How to Join

HookUpsXXX.com has the regular profiling questions for you to sign up. There are a lot of members online, so I would strongly suggest that you spend some time completing your profile on the initial stages so you can get all the right matches right away. No credit card is required to sign up.


Membership Costs

This schocked me. HookUpsXXX.com is free to join, literaly. They have this promotion wherein lifetime membership is free. Dont you just love the word free. So, the search for my date, to communicate with my date, to see the photo gallery especially the videos and live cam features are all free. Oh, I forgot to mention that its a Free Lifetime Membership.

Best App Features

HUXX2Since HookUpsXXX.com Lifetime Membership is free, all app features they have here spells endless possibilities for sex. Standard communication tool like emails, chats, flirts & winks seems to paint a different color now. The best feature there is here at HookUpsXXX.com is to a sexual voyeur and watch all the erotic videos that the members has upload for you to see. The videos are some sort of an amateur porn movie made specially for all to see. But, the very best feature is for you to see a live hardcore carnal and obscene show waiting to happen. This feature alone is enough to get your amorous blood flowing.

My Personal Site Experience

HUXX6To be quiet honest, when I saw HookUpsXXX.com I was of course skeptical. I was thinking here comes another adult dating site offering me a lot of features that they dont have, giving me fake members and robbing me with my money. Becoming a member was so easy. Then I saw the Free Lifetime Membership feature. HookUpsXXX.com will get you like they got me, hook, line and sinker. The homepage was very manageable, easy to understand and navigate. The search feature also lets you filter out what and who you want to bang. The only pop ups I saw was the pop up of messages from other members who wants to start making my one night stand date a reality.

Support Section

HookUpsXXX.com had a long list of self help features that pretty much answers all concerns I have, will have or might have in the future. But if you must need help from support, you could either email them directly using the email address at the support site or, fill out the online contact from and they will get back to you soonest.


My Conclusion

Free Lifetime Membership in my book, as with anybody, is always good. The whole website is safe, secure and easy to use. I have read on the Terms and Conditions page that the member has full control of their account. I recommend HookUpsXXX.com to anybody who wants to have a quick hookup without the guilt.

HookUpsXXX.com – A No Strings Attached Review


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            • - Real People Profiles
            • - Free Lifetime Membership
            • - Safe and Secure
            • - Easy to Use


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