Define Extra Marital Affairs. Straight out of the bat, both Men and Women cheat. Fact of the matter is, they are just unsatisfied with the current state of their relationship and just wants a thrill to keep the blood juices going. It is the thrill of having something new and exciting. Research proves that, spouses who have had extra-marital affairs always keeps the original spouse. They just want a new adventure. That’s what I want.I want somebody sensible and discreet. Someone who knows the boundaries of the type of temporary relationship we are about to have. But I can’t go out with a huge picket sign saying, “Secret Affairs Wanted”. As they always say, you can always find what you want online. Got several hits on my search and found Hmmm. Interesting.


Who is is an adult online dating site where married people can exchange erotic and sexual conversations and videos. Everybody who signs up wants the same result, a very sensual, steamy & satisfying carnal affair. To put the website in a nutshell, it is sexual liberation at it’s finest. Don’t let the website name fool you, for both singles and married people sign up. Hey, anybody of legal age can sign up. Just thought I’d clear that out.


How to Join

Membership is very easy with You just fill-up the boxes of the kind of partner you want then input your screen name of choice, plus a valid email address. asks for membership payments right away. As soon as all is done, voila. You’re in.

Membership Costs

MBL 3Membership Costs at are pretty fair. It is just a recurring monthly fee of $ 34.95. Pretty steep for an online dating club. But if you think about it, you have a full months access to all those lonely people who wants to talk, who wants to have an online sexual video show, and if you’re lucky, who wants to consumate that erotic fantasy you have always wanted. And besides, your paid membership is for a full 30 days. Can you imagine the possibilities of having full access to every sexual fantasy you have?


Best App Features

As with all dating websites, has the tools to instantly communicate with your match. They have instant messaging, both public and private chat rooms and of course, email exchanges. What’s really good about is the live video feed that every member has. The Search Tab is a great help. Besides the automatic matches that gives you, you can manually search your match according to your illicit taste.

My Personal Site Experience

MBL 4It was pretty exciting signing up on I really needed a quick fixer-upper. Don’t get me wrong, I am a happily married person with the full package. I just wanted a new thrill in my life without anybody within my circle knowing about the lustful desires I have been longing for. Lets be honest here, married life gets to be monotonous and when you are alone, you get to think and wonder what the hell is going on with your life. They had a lot of members and what surprised me the most was, they had both singles and married people. I wasn’t feeling any guilt at all. The internet does answer all the questions you have. MarriedButLonely.coms’ community welcomed me with open arms and I felt wanted again. They were not bots or spam for they got right to the point and asked me if I wanted to get down to thing I wanted to do. Of course I would love to do just that for that is the reason why I got myself in. I’ll get back to searching for mates within my area. MarriedButLonely.coms’ homepage had those simple buttons that you easily click and get down to the things that I wanted. I am still debating on the idea of having an affair with people near me, or an affair within a reasonable amount of driving distance from me.

Support Section

The FAQ was pretty standard which some kind of help with basic sign-up and some answers during the registration process. The big let down was that there was no Contact Number for support. I would have loved to have the option of talking to somebody about my concerns. There was a contact form there for you to fill up and explain the kind of help you need. I guess ¬† members grow by the day and they couldn’t accommodate all phone in assistance. That is better though rather than them having a contact number and waiting for hours on end on hold for a customer service rep to answer. They were being realistic and systematic, I think.

My Conclusion


It’s like a whole new world opened right before my very eyes. I never knew that there were a lot of people looking for the same thing I wanted. I liked the simplicity of it all. I liked the eagerness of the members. I liked the conversation tools they had. The features were well placed for plain functionality. At the end of the day, offered me that quiet freedom and sexual liberation I have been looking for. is for everybody who¬†wants to cheat and not feel guilty. Review




    Large Member Database


      Friendly People


        Great Features



          • - Easy to Use
          • - Real People
          • - Fair Membership Costs
          • - Lots of Communication Tools


          • - FAQ needs more tune-up
          • - Only Email/Contact Form for Support

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