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Money can get you everywhere and believe me I have done just that. I have had my fair share of online dating and I have been burned and scammed several times. I am a great success but it sure is lonely at the top. I want somebody who will take care of me regardless if I have money or not. I am not asking much except for a level headed, smart and honest person who will be my better half. The dating websites I have been a paid member for some months told me that I was to find that one true match. They just gave me headaches and a humongous amount of pain and the bulk of it was on my pocket. One of my many qualities is assertiveness, so I once more did a search online and found Then it just clicked. I was looking at the wrong places. There must be some other people with the same stature I have, looking for the same thing I was looking for. Love Online. Read along as I try figure out what has to offer for lonely and (not to brag) well-off singles like me.

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Who is offers to match me up with a person, who like me, is successful in so many ways. They claim to have an elite list of cliente with different social backgrounds and that elite list is looking for a serious and long-term relationship. They also have several success stories for they personally match you up with all the right people. I really didn’t care for all the hype that they have put in there. I just want to be another success story. I know that there are people out there looking for love the same way I do. Lets see how this goes.

How to Join

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Signing up is easy for they ask you basic profiling questions like with the other sites. But at, they asked additional questions like my habits, religion, political views and others. I also diligently answered all their questions about the type of person they can match me up with. You also need to show them proof of how genuine of a person you are for your membership to go through. They had a huge database of members and they key thing to check is that they are of “Certifled Status”. This simply means, they are genuine people. I like what I see.

Membership Costs

MM is a paid website like what I have expected. From experience, your paid membership gives you a lot more access than the free one. Browsing is free but the main reason I registered so I can find my match. Each month is $70; 3 months is $135 and 6 months is $210. I supposed that can match you within a month, but if you have some prerequisites for a perfect match like what I have, I would recommend the 6 month membership. It’s practical that way and that gives me enough time to get a match, get to mingle and hopefully be that special person I have been longing for.

Best App Features

MM has the standard features that other dating websites has. From the system generated matches, to Instant Messaging, to the Video Chat features. The best they have here is the Verified Members status. This eliminates all activity of fraud and deceit. Since has a huge members database, plus the recommended matches they had for me, I also liked the option of remembering the previous manual searches I did. I kind of fumbled through the creation of my video introduction. I was sort of embarrased. Note to self, redo video introduction. The public comments section gave me insights on each possible member. Each member who has had some interaction with a fellow member can post their personal comments on how that person operates. I suggest to keep your profile happy and engaging so more people will catch your interest. The app can be downloaded via Googleplay and Itunes App Store.

My Personal Site Experience

The signup and some site features were pretty standard. But what stood out was that is so well known, the site had its own Fashion & Luxury page. Since I am a new member, I am still fixing my own “verification” process. This delay came as a nuisance for me but then again this means that they do make it a point to take care of their members security. I got stumped at the essay part of my profile page and trying to figure out what pictures I was going to upload for all to see. With the strictest standards that has, and with the millions of verified members they have, I suppose that all members are real. All members are safe and secure for real, unlike the other sites that still has spam and bots for members. The search page offers a wide variety of options on how to personally search for your match. I liked the Search by Income pretty handy, as well as the Compatible and Reverse Matches search. I browsed the chat room and the members were so engrossed with each other that envy came over me and hope that I could have my very own conversation with my match. I did post my profile at MillionaireMatch.coms’ “Take Me Away” feature and as of this writing, my profile has been getting Viewed and Liked by a lot of people. I’ll get back to them as soon as I am done going thru the whole site.

Support Section

The Support Department has Counselors instead of the regularly named Customer Service. If you need help, all you have to do is fill up their feedback form and they will get back to you asap. On this very same page, I found out that if you give them quality proposals for their improvement, they give you a months worth of membership for free.

My Conclusion is unquestionably one of the best online dating site there is. They even have a TV series to show. They want me to have the safest and secure online dating experience I can possibly have. If you are serious in finding love but dont have the time to go thru the standard dating process, I highly recommend Now, I’m going to those people who viewed and who liked my profile. One of them could be the One.

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