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Are you looking to satisfy your need for a special and amazing sexual experience? I have been searching for a community defined by exchanges of explicit to downright pornographic self-portraits. While going through some online casual sex app I bumped into and it perked up my interest. This website promises to satiate my sexual fantasies without fear of shame or regret. Lets find out what this website has to offer.

Who is is a whole new society aiming to hookup people

Snapsext homepage

Snapsext homepage

looking for the same kind of normal to the extreme erotic casual-relationship. They aim to unite people who seek love and intimacy via sending and receiving casual intimate texts to the more sexually suggestive messages or photos. This practice has transformed the once simple courting ritual to a whole new erotic level. Everybody, myself included, wants to “eye” the merchandise first before buying it. With all the casual sex apps readily available, one has to extra careful as to which app to use. promises to make the exchanges of explicit to outright pornographic self-portraits a no-brainer.

How to Join

Registration is easy. You just fill in your age, location, preference and email address then you are good to go. As soon as I got in, 4 people gave me Likes and 2 people viewed my profile already. I guess they were expecting fresh meat so they were checking me out before I had the chance to check them out. My sensual and kinky side just got aroused. This is fun.

Membership Costs

Like with all casual sex apps that I have viewed and tried online, it is free to join. This is standard. Free membership always gives you the option to check out the diverse merchandise, I mean, community. From the almost 150,000 members, you get to filter down who you want to mingle from the ones you need to steer clear from. They have a daily rate of $0.50 cents, which is good for a newcomer like me. I can play footsie with the crowd while narrowing down my prospects. I sort of got lost with the other membership fees. $34.95 each month is excellent and just enough for me to buddy up with my chosen candidates and further trimming it down to an ideal number. But then again, I went for the Premium Membership for it had all the features I wanted. They also have a Gold and a Silver Membership which got me confused a bit . I think there was no difference at all.

Best App Features

Snapsext messaging

Snapsext messaging

You can click on a feature and it shows you who is in within your proximity. You can always initiate a conversation with people who are online and available for a video chat. I love that you can always start a live cam session for there are members there who are just waiting for you. Talk about people who has the same interests as yours. I suggest you start these sensual encounters with a brief conversation then lead them on to a live nudie show next. But heck, if they are near you, the possibilities are endless. Each member I have picked has a gallery of pics and videos which makes the selection easier. is not available on iTunes or Google play though. You can only download the app at If you have paid for membership, this mobile app will fully maximize your subscription 24/7.

My Personal Site Experience

Some of the features were pretty standard with the other casual sex apps I have seen online. What I was cautious about was if the members were bots or spam or worse yet, scammers. I checked the people who liked and viewed me and they seemed pretty genuine people to me. All of them skipped the formalities and wanted the sexual encounter right away. They kept sending me messages and invites for a Live Camera session. Of course, I was ready to do it for that was what I wanted to do when I signed up. You can always cross check the picture and username at google to check for authenticity. But it took too much of my precious time. The Premium Membership gave the me that liberty so I would suggest you take that into consideration.

Support Section

They had a pretty decent support team with 8 different help categories. They also had the standard FAQ’s section which answers the common questions for newbies. But you need more in depth help with your immediate concerns, email their customer service department via the email given there.

My Conclusion

Everything here is worth checking out and they have fair prices for a guilt free sexual encounter. Their bonus features will keep you coming back for more. I took the time to read thru their terms and conditions page, they have my security and anonymity locked away so that felt good. I would recommend if you are looking for an amazing online sexual experience. Cliche as it may sound, what happens next is up to you.






    Member Quality







          • - Mobile Friendly
          • - Good number of members


          • - Seems to automate messaging

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